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  • Where is Orchard River View located?
    Our address is: 3926 Hwy 6 & 24 Palisade, Colorado 81526. To get to Orchard River View if you are headed East from Grand Junction: From I-70 Take Exit 42 into Palisade Proceed south on Elberta Ave, through the 4-way stop Turn Left onto West 8th Street (which turns into US-Hwy 6 &24) Cross the bridge (over the Colorado river) Continue straight for about a mile and a half The venue entrance is a dirt road on the left with a sign on the fence of the entrance saying “Orchard River View” You will see Clark Family Orchards on the right-hand side right ahead of the entrance (a red barn fruitstand next to a big white packing shed) The venue is on the left side of the highway down by the river, right across the street from Clark Family Orchards (if you miss the turn, pull into Clark Orchards and flip around). There is a sign with the venue address on it at the entrance: 3926 US Hwy 6&24 Palisade Co 81526.
  • Is there lodging near by?
    Yes! There is a motel, a hotel, and several Bed & Breakfasts and Air BnB's in Palisade and the surrounding area. Wine Country Inn Spoke + Vine Motel Wine Valley Inn Palisade Basecamp
  • May we serve alcohol at our event?
    Yes! ORV holds their own liquor license and under this provides any and all alcohol at events from our menu.
  • May we bring our own alcohol?
    No. Under ORV’s liquor license, the only alcohol permitted on venue property must be provided by ORV. We have an extensive menu to accommodate all of your needs!
  • Is liquor allowed, or just beer and wine?"
    We allow all types of alcohol: liquors, wine and beer on our bar menu.
  • Can we request alcohol not currently on the bar menu?
    No we do not take any requests off of our bar menu. ORV has expanded our bar menu to include a wide variety of drinks to accommodate all of your wedding party and guests different preferences. We pride ourselves on serving a wide variety of liquors (some local and not local) to create a variety of mixed drinks, as well as a combination of domestic, non-domestic and local beers, local wines, and even Angry Orchard as a Gluten Free option!
  • How does the bar tab work?
    OPTION 1: Open bar- Entire bar tab (drinks for night + bartender hourly fees + bridal suite alcohol (if applicable) + champagne for toast (if applicable)) will be charged to this. OPTION 2: Open bar to a certain dollar amount- Only that dollar amount will be charged to card + bartender hourly fees + bridal suite alcohol (if applicable) + champagne for toast (if applicable)). AFTER that set dollar amount is reached at the bar, it will switch over to a cash bar and guests will pay for their own drinks for the remainder of the night. OPTION 3: Cash only bar- only bartender hourly fees will be charged to this card + bridal suite alcohol (if applicable) + champagne for toast (if applicable). Guests purchase all of their own drinks.
  • May we bring alcohol into the Bridal Suite while getting ready?
    We absolutely do not allow any outside alcohol to be brought onto venue property. We do however provide alcohol chosen off of our bar menu in the bridal suite for getting ready if it is requested before-hand.
  • Are set-up and tear-down included in the price?
    Yes, they are.
  • Do you provide set up and take down of chairs, tables, ceremony benches?"
    Yes! Our staff will set up all ceremony benches, tables and chairs and break these down after the event so that our clients and day of coordinators do not have to deal with that extra work!
  • Do you provide or offer draping for the inside of the barn?
    No we do not. This is provided by an outside vendor and can be rented by the party. Please contact us for our preferred vendor sheet for these details of who to contact for this.
  • Do we have to have a day of manager/coordinator?
    Yes, at ORV we do require a professional day of coordinator. For 2021 weddings and beyond, this coordinator must be chosen from the preferred vendor list given to you by ORV.
  • What if we would like to have a day of coordinator who is not on your list?
    We do occasionally make exceptions IF the coordinator is a professional day of coordinator with an LLC and business insurance (must be provided to ORV). If ORV makes an exception this must be discussed and agreed upon in advance and requires a $750 Fee for us to provide an onsite venue manager for this event (who does not do any coordinating but watches the venue and enforces the contract if needed).
  • Do you have a preferred vendors list?
    Yes we do! This is to help refer vendors who we have worked with in the past and recommend them for your wedding, please contact us for this.
  • Do we have to choose a caterer from your preferred vendor list?
    No you do not! Caterer of your choosing are welcome as long as they are a professional with a food/catering license. This cannot be a “friend” or family member unless they do this professionally.
  • Can we cook/provide our own food for the event?
    Unfortunately we are unable to allow this. Any food served must be through a licensed caterer/someone with their food license and business insurance.
  • What do you provide with the venue rental?
    -4 6ft (72”) rectangle tables -2 48” round tables (usually for cake & gift tables) -4 8ft (96”) rectangle tables -30 72” round tables -6 cocktail tables (80cm width, 110cm height) -White fold up chairs for reception -12 hours access for bridal party -Ability to add an additional hour to 11pm (for $500 extra charge) -Full use of Caterer’s prep-kitchen -Bridal suite (heated and cooled separate from the barn) -Fully heated and cooled barn -Restrooms in barn -Wood benches for the ceremony -Full set up and break down of all chairs, tables, and ceremony benches -Ceremony Sites -Access to entire grounds including orchard for pictures -Parking Attendants provided 1hour prior to event up to ceremony time -Security is provided onsite
  • What is your maximum capacity?
    300 guests
  • What is the latest time we can continue the event to?
    This would be the time listed on the contract you signed. For weddings, the typical end time that the contract states is 10pm. Parties can extend the end time to 11pm for an additional fee with the restriction that all barn doors must be shut at 10pm to keep music/noise contained inside the building.
  • Is the damage deposit refundable?
    Yes it is as long as there is no damage to the venue or venue property and according to the other provisions on the contract.
  • When are payments due?
    For booking: 50% down deposit $1000 refundable damage deposit 90 days out from wedding: Second half of deposit 90 days out questionnaire completed and returned Event insurance 2 weeks away: $10/chair over 150 guests Payment for any rentals Payment for extra hour if adding this to 11 pm Bartending hourly fees ($20 per hr per bartender) Payment for alcohol in bridal suite (if applicable) Payment for champagne toast ($24/bottle, if applicable) $1000 down payment for open bar (if choosing this option) Capped amount for bar cap amount
  • Can the couple spend the night in the Bridal Suite?
    No, the Bridal suite only is provided for the day of the wedding for the Bridal party to use in getting ready and use for the duration of the venue rental.
  • Do you require Special Event/Wedding Day Insurance?
    Yes we do! This can be purchased through your rental or home insurance, or through online options such as Wedsure and Wedsafe.
  • What type of decorations are not allowed?
    No stapling, nailing, or use of adhesive of any kind on venue walls. Paper confetti and fake petals or flowers are also not permitted. Open flame candles are only permitted inside or outside the Venue if they are contained by glass votives. For questions on décor options please contact ORV staff.
  • Can we drop off or set up décor the day before the wedding?
    Since many times we have events back-to-back days we are unable to accommodate storing items or allowing early set up on days prior to the wedding day you are booked for.
  • Who cleans up after the wedding?
    You are required to clean up and remove all personal items and décor. Most of the time your day of coordinator/manager includes this in their pricing which is one of the best things about having your coordinator so that family and friends do not have to end the night working to clean up/tear down! Orchard River View staff is responsible for breaking down tables and chairs and benches after the wedding and cleaning the venue.
  • When is our final walk through?
    The final walk through is usually scheduled around 1 month prior to the wedding. This is scheduled based on a time that works for the party and their coordinator as well as a time when the venue is available.
  • When is our rehearsal?
    If we do not have another event the day before your wedding, your 1 hour rehearsal will be the afternoon or evening before your wedding at a time agreed upon by ORV, day of coordinator and client. If we do have an event the day before your wedding, your rehearsal will still be the day before your wedding but will be scheduled for 9-10am. This allows your rehearsal to be finished up by the time the wedding scheduled for that day will be coming in.
  • When do you need to know our final guest count?
    We must know your final guest count by 2 weeks prior to the wedding at the latest.
  • Do children count towards the guest count?
    For our purposes, guest count determines how many tables and chairs we set out. Any child who will need a chair (so not including infants who will be in strollers, parents lap, etc) needs to be included in the guest count so that we are able to set up the accurate number of tables and chairs needed.
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